Great customer service is the holy grail of business. Once you have it, it seems like it has the power to reveal all the secrets of success. YORK VIVANT COMPANY always believes in providing flawless services to our customers by implementing following Skills, however, its not always easy.

1- Empathy

2- Adaptability

3- Ability to Use Positive Language

4- Clear and to the point Communication with customers

5- Taking Responsibility

6- Patience

7- Willingness to Improve



Tips regarding usage of our Damascus Steel Tools:

1-Never store your knife for long time in leather sheath.

2-When out in the field with your knife make sure that you don’t keep it in a wet environment for long periods of time.

3-After using always clean the blade with oil or wax.

4- When not in use, its important to keep your Damascus Steel knife in a dry interior.

5-Knife Blade will have no effect even after using at A sandy desert, A salty beach and A frozen mountain top until you make sure that you had cleaned your knife and after oiling, putting it in a proper place.

6-You need to do is take care of your knife, it will come with you for a long time.


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